Association of Global Science Innovations 

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AGSI is a voice for science and a valuable personal resource for scientists around the globe Members of AGSI will be contributing to society by communicating the value of science to the general public.

If -

  • the existing science policies and science education worry you
  • you want to assist individual students and researchers in developing their careers
  • you want to help in increasing the diversity of the scientific community,

then AGSI is the place for you to be!!

In addition to supporting critical programs, your AGSI Membership gives you access to cutting edge research in Basic, Applied and Allied Sciences with a one-year subscription to IJIIT online journal, one of the most rapid international peer reviewed journals.

AGSI + U= Change. Together we can make a difference. Join AGSI today.


Life : Rs. 3000/- (Payable in 1 or 2 installments in one Financial Year)

Ordinary : Rs. 500/- Per annum + Rs. 50/-

Foreign (Life) : US $ 250.00

Foreign (Ordinary) : US $ 50.00 Per annum + $ 5.00 Admission Fee

Only for Indian Students 

Student : Rs. 100/- Per annum (to be certified by research supervisor or Head of Institution) along with an Admission Fee of Rs. 50/-


Payment should be made in form of demand draft in favor of AGSI Publications, Andhra Pradesh, India. Please add Rs. 60 INR for outstation cheque.

Mailing Address:

Association of Global Science Innovations (AGSI)

Under the aegis of Society of J M Regd: 611/1999

#5-88, Old cinema hall street,

Gudlavalleru, Andhra Pradesh, 521356,

South India.

[email protected]



registered under Society of JM Regd No: 611/1999


Amaravathi road, 

Guntur 522002

Andhra Pradesh, 

South India.

[email protected]